TROIS C-L – Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois – TRIFOLION Echternach – Independent Little Lies (ILL)

Every month we present you 3 of our cultural partners. 
The shows that we are announcing here are always from the following month (or later) and accessible with your Kulturpass.

 TROIS C-L – Centre de Création Chorégraphique

Among the players in the choreographic sector in Luxembourg, the TROIS C-L – Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois is the structure of reference in terms of support for contemporary dance creators within the country. It has a convention with the Ministry of Culture and pursues multiple missions on a national and international level.

It is a support and production centre for Luxembourgish choreographers (emerging and established), , mandaté par le Ministère de la Culture, qui allouent chaque année des aides financières dont il est responsable. Le TROIS C-L anime également un vaste réseau dédié à la danse contemporaine au Luxembourg dans le but de développer un maillage culturel avec une programmation artistique exigeante et variée sur le territoire. Il est un lieu de médiation culturelle et de sensibilisation du grand public à la danse contemporaine et dotée d’une riche programmation sous ses formes les plus diverses.                                                                       photo@Sébastian

The 3 DU TROISwhich takes place on the 3rd of each month, is a cultural event with a multidisciplinary artistic program. Works in progress are represented, the projects aim to rethink or question the society and the art of choreography. For the public, it is a unique opportunity to discover the universe of contemporary dance from different horizons and to share time with the invited artists for exchanges.

The HOЯS CIЯCUITS are events that highlight one or more choreographers who do not yet have enough roots or visibility on the territory.

The next HOЯS CIЯCUITSthe 19the of november 2021will host a world premiere by Yuval Pick. FutureNowwhich is aimed at every young at heart from 7 to 77, Yuval Pick reactivates everyone's childlike imagination
The play focuses on questions and themes that are fundamental to everyone's existence:
childhood, the roots of subjectivity, self-construction and creativity. In the manner of a documentary, Yuval Pick's approach tends to show and allow forms or emotions to emerge as much as possible. FutureNow!

Plus d’informations et réservations  sur 

TRIFOLION Echternach 

In the historic center of Echternach, in the immediate vicinity of the basilica and the abbey, is the TRIFOLION Echternach, founded in 2008. With 200 events per year, the regional cultural center has become an essential place of culture, congress and society in Luxembourg as well as in the cross-border region. The name TRIFOLION is derived from trifolio (clover) and refers to these three programmatic pillars.
In the cultural field, the program includes events on its own as well as events organized by third parties. The offer includes concerts, children's events, theater and dance, exhibitions, as well as readings and lectures.

Classical Music | Thuesday, the 9the of November 2021, 20:00 

One year ago, on 8.11.2020, one of the most talented young musicians and one of the best cellists of our time, Alexander Buzlov, suddenly passed away. Its last European representation took place on 25.9.2020 at TRIFOLION Echternach.

In homage to Alexander, his widow and his friends will perform musical works close to his heart, notably J.S. Bach, F. Schubert, N. Myaskowsky and A. Skriabin.

Avec : Mischa Maisky, violoncelle – Lily Maisky, piano – Sascha Maisky, violon – Jura Margulis, piano – Natalia Margulis, violoncelle – Alissa Margulis, violon – Gareth Lubbe, alto – Alena Baeva, violon – Daria Tchaikovskaya, piano.                                                           photo@Andrej Grilc

Kat. A: 35 EUR | 21 EUR  Kat. B: 26 EUR | 16 EUR  |
Réduction de 20% à partir de 5 personnes | 
Supplément caisse du soir : 2,50 EUR | Kulturpass : 1,50 EUR

PRÉVENTE: | Tel.: +352 4708 951
TRIFOLION Ticket Service: 2, Porte Saint Willibrord | L-6486 Echternach |Tel.: +352 26 72 39 500 | |

Independent Lilltle Lies  (ILL)


Independent Little Lies (ILL) is an interdisciplinary theatre collective of theatre professionals, artists, educators and art lovers. Their productions and cultural events address contemporary and social issues in four different languages. Founded in 1995, ILL has existed in Luxembourg for more than 25 years. Its artists are constantly engaged in reinvention, in making new collaborations with artists and co-producers from Luxembourg and beyond, challenging the traditional boundaries of live performance and giving emerging artists from the most diverse backgrounds the opportunity to develop their creativity. Since 2017, ILL has been offering participatory theatre workshops for citizens in Esch-sur-Alzette, the Biergerbühn. Biergerbühn.

For Esch 22, the Biergerbühn is planning two highlights: in October 2021 , Der Besuch der alten Dame by Friedrich Dürrenmatt in a production by Claire Thill in co-production with the Escher Theater and in 2022, Doheem: Fragments d'intimités, a collective creation by the citizens together with ILL professional artists. These collective creation workshops for the stage will take place between January and June 2022 in Bâtiment IV, the new cultural third place in Esch.

Biergerbühn – Doheem: Fragments d’intimités
In the workshops we will look at the city of Esch, the individual stories it contains and our own relationship to intimacy. Together, with the help of exercises from theatre and meditation, we will write our own fragmentary and deliberately subjective history of the city.

ESCH - what images does this city evoke for us, what memories do we have of it, what secrets perhaps. And how do we live in Esch today? As you read these lines, what scenes are taking place behind the walls and between the streets of the districts of Brill, Dellhéicht, Lalleng, Bruch, Al Esch etc.?

Let's investigate together, let's build the puzzle, come and share and guide the workshops of the BIERGERBÜHN 2022 - DOHEEM - Fragments of intimacy.

Led by Claire Wagener and Elsa Rauchs. Alternating and reinforcing: Sandy Artuso, Sally Merres, Frédérique Colling, Claire Thill, Angélique Arnould and Marc Baum.
From 15 January 2022, every Saturday afternoon in Building IV.  
+ d’informations:

Following the adoption of the new covid law by the Luxembourg government, new measures will come into force in Luxembourg from November 1, 2021.
Indeed, the covid-check regime is generalized and imposed by law and the system of self-tests comes to an end.

Concretely, from November 1st:
To attend an event you have several options:
- Be fully vaccinated and show your QR code / vaccination certificate
- Negative PCR test valid for 72 hours
- Certified antigen test valid for 48 hours
- Valid certificate of reinstatement

All events taking place after November 1 are affected. Please take into account that no self-test will be valid. 

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