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As their name suggests, the Rotondes are two circular buildings. With a diameter of 52 metres each, they were built in 1875 as a shed and workshop for steam locomotives. They then had several lives... 

After the 2World War, the Rotondes were used as storage space (Rotunda 1) and as a repair shop for CFL buses (Rotunda 2). Many years later, on the 10the October 2006, the last bus left Rotondes 2, which was quickly brought into line with what was to become, two months later, the epicentre 

of Luxembourg and Greater Region European Capital of Culture 2007.Throughout 2007, cultural events organised by the General Coordination bring the Rotondes to life and constitute a first successful attempt at their new use.

The evolution of the cultural programming of RotondesThe public's demand, the possibilities of offering projects for young audiences and families, as well as alternative and multidisciplinary projects, served as a basis for reflection for a second, definitive phase of the project. Based on these considerations, a general concept was formulated which integrates the rehabilitation of Rotonde 2 and the forecourt and takes into account the needs for optimisation of the site (storage areas, final restoration, reception, etc.). The feasibility study was carried out, and in 2020 the project entered a new stage known as the preliminary design stage, which should be completed by the end of 2021. 

Photo by Ruben Dos Santos 

Mar 28.12.2021
15:00 & 17:00
Rotondes & Luxembourg City Film Festival (LU)

From 6 years on
Duration : 45’
Space: Grande Salle
Language: wordless

There is a lot of lightness and irony in the three animated shorts selected for this co-production of Les Rotondes and the Luxembourg City Film Festival.

In a nature that never ceases to impress, tou∙te∙s protagonists forge new bonds of friendship and deploy treasures of inventiveness. This inventiveness is also reflected in the musical universe constructed from bits and pieces by Florence Kraus and Grégoire Terrier to accompany the images. If the films on the screen are (almost) silent, the atmosphere in the room is exuberant!

« Klangvolles Erlebnis (…) Die Augen schwanken zwischen der Leinwand und den Musikern Florence Kraus und Grégoire Terrier hin und her, weil einfach beides sowohl mit der Sicht als auch mit dem Gehör genossen werden muss. »  Lëtzebuerger Journal, 07.03.2020

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Located in a discrete spot of the small-scale rue du Saint Esprit, De Gudde Wëllen is a 'one size fits all' venue that opened its doors in December 2014.
Some of the highlights included Khruangbin, Fontaines D.C., The Soft Moon, Sophia, Moon Duo, Masta Ace, Busy P, TOPS, Sinkane, Operators, This Is The Kit and more. Whether you favor craft brews, funky cocktails or tasty indie shows, this is the kind of place that begs you to stick for another round.

Wednsday the 15.12.2021
Concert- electro synth jazz

Doors : 20:00
Show:  21:00

Surrounded by his own unique android of drums and electronics, Antoine Pierre is widening his already broad musical spectrum quite a bit with VAAGUE.  

For this brand new solo project, the Brussels based drummer and producer created a collection of samples to fuse organically — and manually! — with his own drum grooves. From pulsating synths over otherworldly vocal snippets to dark and dreamy droplets of sound: each electronic element is blending in perfectly with Antoine’s live played beats.

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In 1964, the Kasemattentheater was founded under its official name "Centre Grand-Ducal d'Art Dramatique" a.s.b.l.. In Luxembourg, which until then had been rather sleepy in terms of theatre, the founder Tun Deutsch (1932-1977) envisioned an avant-garde theatrical creation that would attract not only the interested bourgeoisie, but a whole new audience in a new venue. Since the 2008/2009 season, the Kasemattentheater has developed a new dynamic and has since presented the public with a complete season programme. Today more than ever, the Kasemattentheater focuses on mostly modern, German-language plays in the form of innovative productions.

Friday 17.12.2021
Carte Blanche MICHEL REIS

At 8 pm at the Kasemattentheater

Le Théâtre des Casemates (Kasemattentheater) is giving the jazz pianist and composer Michel Reis (born 1982) a carte blanche for one evening this year - just before Christmas, before our ears and brains are all too drugged up with Christmas music. Michel Reis studied in Boston and lived in New York and now mostly in Luxembourg (when he is not on one of his numerous tours). Michel Reis has released 12 albums under his own name so far, in Luxembourg but also on American labels. For a young pianist, he has received astonishing praise: "a tremendous pianist" (Down Beat), "a storyteller" (AllAboutJazz), "his place in the realm of jazz pianists is assured" (JazzReview), one could read. 

The multifaceted musician, who has often accompanied readings in the Kasemattentheater, determines the programme for a unique concert, supported by friends and companions. He will be able to show the whole range of his creative and musical skills.

This musical evening is suitable for blind and visually impaired people.                                                                                                                                                                                                         

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