Cultural Mediation

Definition of cultural mediation

“At the junction of the cultural and the social, cultural mediation deploys intervention strategies - activities and projects - which promote, within the framework of artistic and heritage institutions, municipal services or community groups, the meeting of publics with a diversity of experiences. Between cultural democratization and cultural democracy, cultural mediation combines several objectives: giving access to and making culture accessible to the widest audiences, promoting the diversity of expressions and forms of creation, encouraging citizen participation, promoting the building of connections within communities, contributing to the personal development of individuals and the development of a sense of community. "

Source: LEXIQUE – La médiation culturelle et ses mots-clés -

Role of cultural mediation within Cultur’all

The role of the Kulturpass is mainly to lift the financial barrier in access to culture, but this solution, however interesting, is not enough on its own.
That is why Cultur’all also aims to raise awareness among citizens and political and social actors about the benefits of culture and the various barriers encountered by Kulturpass beneficiaries. Likewise, Cultur’all wants to break down the barriers that separate people from cultural creations, not only among its beneficiaries, but in the general population. Arts and culture still seem to be reserved for an elite, yet they surround us, shape our reality, and are a form of expression of the living. Culture is us.

Participatory methodology and educational tools

Since 2018, the association Cultur’all has developed a new lever to support socio-cultural mediation work that primarily targets Kulturpass partners. This work is done through meetings between different actors. During these meetings, participatory and creative working methods are used to encourage participants to express themselves and freely exchange ideas. Each new meeting with social partners gave rise to unexpected and playful discoveries, and to moments full of emotions. Through this approach, Cultur'all hopes to bring about a stronger commitment from the partners and generate a real multiplier effect for the project.

Expansion and diversification of the network of partners

One of Cultur’all's missions is to create a network that promotes culture and the arts among a vulnerable target audience. Cultur’all has set up more than 120 agreements with cultural structures and structures with a social vocation. Aware of the fact that social structures are essential "vectors" and multipliers of the ethics of the Kulturpass project, Cultur'all organizes meetings between cultural actors and social actors.

  • Agreement with the Zentrum fir politesch Bildung (ZpB). It is a "foundation which aims to promote citizenship through a better understanding of democracy and current societal challenges". It encourages "children and young people in particular as well as the general population to participate in life and in political debates". This partnership is part of a much broader vision of the role that the Kulturpass can play.
  • Cultural partnership with the Senior Clubs of the Help network which offer a vast program of cultural activities.
  • Partnership with the Upper Sûre Nature Park. In relationship with nature and with the idea of deconstructing the concept of art and culture, Cultur’all has entered into a partnership with the Upper Sûre Nature Park. At first the idea was to promote the artistic events they organize. In a broader sense, the aim is also to promote our natural and cultural heritage.

Working together with youth organizations

  • Partnership with the National Youth Service (SNJ) This partnership allows the eleven Local Youth Offices (ALJ) ( to issue the Kulturpass to the young people they support and who are in need.
  • Reminder action and dialogues with high schools via the Psychosocial and Scholastic Assistance Service (SePAS), and distribution of leaflets and posters in all high schools to remind people of the existence of the Kulturpass.
  • Participation in a meeting organized by the Department for the Coordination of Educational and Technological Research and Innovation (SCRIPT). The SCRIPT supports the cultural coordinators of 19 high schools and has planned this meeting so that the coordinators and representatives of the local cultural centers (RESEAU) can discuss their collaboration. This was a good opportunity to talk about the Kulturpass again and to remind the coordinators that the SePAS of their respective schools can issue this pass.
  • Organization of a musical rally to educate children about classical music.
  • Participation in cultural events for young people also prompted Cultur’all to rethink the concept of its stands. The association has therefore developed and refined a game inspired by Monopoly called "Luxopoly". This game is used to raise awareness among young and old about the cost of living in Luxembourg and the importance of the Kulturpass in allowing access to cultural activities.

Luxopoly, développé par l’équipe Cultur’all