What is the Kulturpass?
The Kulturpass enables people with modest income to participate in Luxembourg cultural life. Valid for two years, the Kulturpass is a personal free card which allows:

- free access to partner museums;
- the purchase of a ticket for a dance performance, a concert, a play, a film archive or a festival… at the price of € 1.50
Entre 2014 et 2019, 6 500 Kulturpass ont été délivrés. Les bénéficiaires du Kulturpass ont acheté quelque 19 000 tickets au tarif de 1,50 €. En moyenne, un détenteur du Kulturpass a utilisé son pass pour effectuer trois sorties culturelles auprès de nos 75 partenaires culturels .


Please visit the site events.lu to choose your event


  • Any person or family with modest income living in Luxembourg
  • Anyone who has filed an application for international protection



Go to one of the sixteen card collection points with your ID and:


As soon as you have received your Kulturpass and you have chosen your event, simply present yourself with your valid Kulturpass and your ID to the cultural partner to buy your ticket at the price of € 1.50, within the limit of available seats.

We advise you to call the cultural partner in advance to check if there are still tickets available for the event you have chosen.


Le succès du Kulturpass repose sur le bon partenariat entre Cultur’all a.s.b.l., les acteurs sociaux et institutionnels (associations, État et communes) et les opérateurs culturels (musées, théâtres, salles de spectacles et centres culturels).

Cultur’all a.s.b.l. assure le lien entre ses partenaires.

Nous offrons un soutien aux institutions dans leurs missions de sensibilisation, d’information et de promotion du Kulturpass auprès des bénéficiaires potentiels. Nous propsons la médiation culturelle visant l’échange et la rencontre entre le public cible du Kulturpass et les milieux culturels et artistiques.

Toutes les informations relatives au fonctionnement du Kulturpass, aussi bien pour les partenaires culturels que pour les partenaires sociaux, sont reprises dans le Roadbook (téléchargeable au format PDF).

41, rue Notre-Dame,
L-2240 Luxembourg

 22 50 45



Marché aux Poissons
L-2345 Luxembourg

47 93 30-1


5, Park Dräi Eechelen
L-1499 Luxembourg

26 43 35


3, Park Dräi Eechelen
L-1499 Luxembourg

45 37 85-1


14, rue du Saint Esprit
L-1475 Luxembourg

47 96 45 00


25 rue Münster
L-2160 Luxembourg

46 22 33-1


14, rue du Saint Esprit
L-1475 Luxembourg

47 96 45 00



46 49 46 28


18, avenue Emile Reuter
L-2420 Luxembourg

47 96-49 00



4, bd F-D Roosevelt
L-2450 Luxembourg



8, avenue des Hauts Fourneaux
L-4362 Esch-sur-Alzette



Place Guillaume II
L-2090 Luxembourg



40, avenue Charlotte
L-4530 Differdange

58 77 1-01


Place de l’Hôtel de Ville
L-4138 Esch-sur-Alzette

54 73 83 – 1

Devenir partenaire

Toute structure culturelle (publique ou privée) au Luxembourg souhaitant offrir aux bénéficiaires du Kulturpass un accès à sa programmation au tarif de 1,50 € peut devenir partenaire culturel du Kulturpass.

Toute institution sociale sans but lucratif œuvrant dans la lutte contre l’exclusion sociale et ses différentes dimensions, telles que le manque de formation professionnelle, l’isolement et les problèmes financiers ou de logement, peut devenir partenaire social du Kulturpass.

Chaque commune voulant s’associer à nous est la bienvenue.
Les partenaires sociaux, institutionnels et culturels signent une convention avec Cultur’all a.s.b.l. qui précise les engagements pris de part et d’autre.

Pour devenir partenaire, veuillez nous contacter en cliquant ici
(fenêtre de messagerie qui s’ouvre).

Cultur’all a.s.b.l. can issue a group pass to social institutions which become partners.

The social institution must be a non-profit institution working in the fight against social exclusion and its various dimensions, such as the lack of vocational training, isolation and financial or housing problems.

The specific terms of the group pass will be defined on a case-by-case basis and by mutual agreement between the cultural institution and the social partner (maximum number of people per group – including accompanying staff, compliance with the regulations laid down by the cultural partners, prices, opening hours, reservations, etc.).

The group leader will present the collective pass at the counter at each event. The reception and organization of guided tours will be possible provided that the social institution makes contact beforehand and within a reasonable time with the cultural services concerned.

The period of validity of the Kulturpass is not limited in time.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

I have not yet received a response from the FNS this year. What should I do?

Your proof of the cost of living allowance is valid one year from the date of issue.

Can I use the Kulturpass for the cinema?

The Kulturpass is only valid at the Cinémathèque of the City of Luxembourg, at the Prabbeli in Wiltz, at the Kulturhuef in Grevenmacher, and for certain festivals such as the Luxembourg City Film Festival, the Cinéma du Sud or the CinEast.

Can I sell my ticket which I have acquired at a reduced price?

No, you cannot resell your reduced-price ticket because this is not the aim of the project. The only possibility would be to sell it at the same price to another beneficiary of the Kulturpass.

How long is my Kulturpass valid?

The Kulturpass is valid for two years.

“Between buying concert tickets and buying food, I often had to make choices.”

Thanks to the Kulturpass, Martine, a mother raising her two children alone, was able to introduce her daughter to opera and her son to rock.

“After a depression, I lost my job and ended up with small fixed-term contracts here and there. During those difficult years, both mentally and financially, my social worker suggested to me the Kulturpass. Going to the theater and to concerts brought me to life. I started to feel the joy of life once again. Being able to get away from my daily life for a few hours a month gave me the energy to continue my journey.” Isabelle

“The first time I saw a play, I was still a high school student. I went to see Molière’s play L’Avare with my class and my French teacher. For the next three years, my class and I kept going to plays because we really loved it. After high school, my life changed a lot. At university, I couldn’t find people who shared this passion for theater, which demotivated me a little. But I also encountered financial problems. I had to make choices and going to the theater went to the bottom of my priority list. Today, ten years later, I have been able to reconnect with this old passion. With the Kulturpass, I was able to go see a play and I even took my brother and sister, both teenagers. It was their first visit to the theater, and they really liked it! We had a great family evening! All thanks to the Kulturpass!” Sonia

Cultur’all a.s.b.l. agrees to comply with the general data protection regulations (GDPR) of April 27, 2016 for any processing of personal data carried out in connection with the Kulturpass.

The collection and processing of your data are necessary for the legitimate interests of Cultur’all a.s.b.l. to guarantee the proper functioning of the Kulturpass. Data is processed on the basis of your consent, so that we can contact you in order to inform you of events organized or promoted by Cultur’all.

These data will be kept for a period of 30 months. After this period, all copies of it will be destroyed. You have the right to access, rectify, delete and limit the processing as well as the right to data portability. You can also withdraw your consent regarding the sending of informative emails at any time. For more information or if you wish to exercise these rights, please contact Luis Santiago at 621 43 06 02 or by email at rgpd@culturall.lu. You can lodge a complaint with the National Commission for Data Protection (NCDP) if you feel that your rights are not being respected.